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If you are a lotto winner involved in a dispute over distribution of winnings, or a litigant in a pending court case, we have funding available for your needs during the litigation process.

Every week, several lotto pool winners nationwide get the good news that their dreams just came true. They won!

But big money can lead to big problems. The above headlines, taken from current news articles around the country, illustrate how common – and how difficult – the problem can be.

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Our process is quick and efficient. Significant funds can be advanced to individuals in these, and other, situations once underwriting approves a given case.

People involved in personal injury cases, for example, may also find themselves out of money – and out of work – due to someone else’s negligence. Persons with limited or no income are quickly unable to pay for normal living expenses such as rent, mortgage and utilities.

As they await funds rightly due them, we can be the bridge to their financial future. If you find yourself in this situation, Windy City Investments LLC can help.

We can also provide referral to our network of attorneys and certified financial planners. They can answer your questions if you are party to a lawsuit, or if you feel that you should be included in a lawsuit or a lotto jackpot claimed by others.

Feel free to call – there is no charge or cost for initial consultation!

We aim to help you settle your case quickly, fairly and efficiently, and to enjoy your lotto winnings, or any legal remedies you have a right to, as soon as possible. Our experience with the legal process indicates lengthy court activity is expensive and counter-productive. We try to give you the best advice on the case in progress to help you make informed decisions.

We can also offer you financial options to invest your funds wisely. Once you receive your anticipated settlement or winnings, our financial planning associates can help you decide which investments may best suit your situation. All options are solely your choice. We merely present ideas for your consideration. After your review, the final decision is yours.

Let Windy City Investments, LLC be the solution to your temporary funding woes!

Cost Structure

Windy City Investments, LLC provides answers for those who need financial help through legal funding. Our process is quick and efficient. Costs vary on a case by case basis, but are always the lowest when compared to other companies. This lower rate is made possible by our screening process that properly identifies your needs, and our streamlined processing of the lawsuit funding.


Legal Advice

While Windy City Investments, LLC may provide helpful referrals, we are not a law firm, nor do we provide legal advice. This is the role of your attorney. Neither do we require anyone to use a particular attorney. We are here to work with you and your attorney to provide legal, financial funding to help defray your living expenses during the time that your case is in progress.


Screening Your Financing

Our lawsuit funding process is simple, fast and efficient. Our team of skilled underwriters can complete most case evaluations within 24 hours of the applicant’s submission. Simply apply using one of the methods noted below, and we will contact you shortly after receipt.

As indicated, all questions will be answered prior to any formal commitment. If approved, we require that both you and your attorney sign the agreements so as to protect all parties and provide a level of review that will best guarantee satisfaction.

Application Process

Applying for assistance from Windy City Investments, LLC is simple and swift. You may begin the process online, by phone or by fax. Each case is personally reviewed, making the underwriting process painless and quick. Choose your preferred method of application:

  2. Call Windy City Investments, LLC at 312.508.0818
  3. Fax Windy City Investments, LLC (toll-free) at: 888-872-2191

The next steps proceed quickly:

  1. We will review your application, and discuss any details with you.
  2. We will make an underwriting decision.
  3. We will get back to you in less than three business days with our decision.

We will prepare the needed documents to be signed by you and your attorney so that living expense funds can be issued as promptly as possible.

Free Online Application

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